2024 - 2025 SFB Board of Directors and Council

Board of Directors

Sarah Stabenfeldt
Arizona State University
Dr. Joyce Wong
Boston University
Danielle Benoit
University of Oregon
Ashley Brown
North Carolina State University and the UNC-Chapel Hill
Dr Kyle Lampe
University of Virginia
1st Past President
William Wagner
University of Pittsburgh
2nd Past President
Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez
The University of Texas at Austin
Special Interest Groups Representative
Ngan Huang
Stanford University

Officers and Committee Chairs

JBMR Part A Editor
Kent Leach
UC Davis
JBMR Part B Editor
Jeremy Gilbert
Clemson University
Biomaterials Forum Editor
Roger Narayan
UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
Awards, Ceremonies, and Nominations Committee
Guigen Zhang
University of Kentucky
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee
Shreya Raghavan
Texas A&M University
Publications Committee
Qun Wang
Iowa State University