SFB on Social Media

The Society has a number of groups and social media channels, listed below:


LinkedIn Groups:

Headquarters does support SIGs having their own LinkedIn groups as a platform to connect. However, we do ask that you provide headquarters with administrator access, so the LinkedIn page can continue with each SIG officer term.

Twitter: #SFBiomaterials, @SFBiomaterials, @sfb_dei, @SFB_DD_SIG, @SFB_ECTM_SIG, @sfb_students, @SFB_YSG

To provide a twitter account that reflects the varied perspectives of our membership, the Society's social media task force has been granted access to the SFB twitter account and may tweet and retweet content without the direct approval of the SFB board. All tweets will contain a “/initials” to identify the creator of the tweet. Please note that all tweets are the opinions of the Twitter user and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the society at large.  The Social Media Task Force members include:

/dz - Thomas Dziubla, PhD, University of Kentucky (Chair)
/ae - Adam Ekenseair, PhD, Chemical Engineering Northeastern University
/ak - Ali Khademhosseini, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital
/as - Ankur Singh, PhD, Cornell University
/ba - Brian Alberto Aguado, PhD, University of Colorado - Boulder
/cd - Cole A DeForest, PhD, University of Washington
/dh - Daniel Hachim, PhD, Bioengineering Student McGowan Institute/University of Pittsburgh
/jh - Julianne Holloway, PhD, Arizona State University
/na - Nasim Annabi, Northeastern University
/dl - Dan Lemyre, CAE, Society For Biomaterials
/ss - Shena Seppanen, Society For Biomaterials

It is discouraged for SIG groups to create their own Twitter accounts as any social media activity for SFB is monitored by the society’s Social Media Task Force. It is suggested that if SIG officers want to create their own hashtag for their SIG, they also include the SFB hashtag (#SFBiomaterials) to gain more exposure within the society.