Fellow Biomaterial Science and Engineering

FBSE Call for Nominations: Deadline July 14, 2023


In April 1992, the constituent biomaterials societies of the World Biomaterials Congress, now the International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering (IUSBSE), determined the need for the public recognition of those of their members who have gained a status of excellent professional standing and high achievements in the field of biomaterials science and engineering.

The honorary status of "Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering" (FBSE) was therefore established.

Fellows are to be considered as accomplished members and role models in the field of biomaterials science and engineering.  Fellows are expected, through word and deed, to foster the field of biomaterials and to support its professional development as a practical and intellectual endeavor.

New Fellows are announced and recognized at World Biomaterials Congresses.

The duly nominated, approved, confirmed, and installed Fellow has the right to carry the letters FBSE. These letters indicate the national recognition and international respect of his/her comprehension of professional issues and accomplishments as a scientist or engineer in the field of biomaterials science and engineering.

The Fellow status is awarded for life. A Fellow has all rights and obligations of an active member of their Society.

It is expected that Fellows shall be individuals recognized for their individual achievements and contributions to the practice of biomaterials science and engineering, who foster professional interactions with other practitioners in the field, and with clinicians, patients, regulatory and legislative offices, and the public, and who promote public awareness of the profession, and promote and encourage professional and continuing education. 

Nomination Process and Guidelines

Each IUSBSE Member Society has established its own process for nomination of potential Fellows.  In general, these processes are based on the following guidelines.

Candidates for Fellow status should: 

  • Be nominated and evaluated by existing Fellows.
  • Normally have at least ten years of scientific or professional contributions to the field of biomaterials science and engineering, with at least ten years of continuous active (full) membership upon nomination or, alternatively, be a founding member of the Society.
  • Have appropriate professional training, competence, and good standing in a discipline appropriate for biomaterials science and engineering research. Exceptions can be approved with sufficient justification.
  • Provide significant contributions to the field of Biomaterials Science and Engineering documented by a continuous productivity in biomaterials research, development, education, or administration. The documents shall evidence an increasing leadership role.
  • Have a continuing record of publication in refereed journals appropriate to the candidate's contributions to the field.

Fellows should form no more than 10% of the active (paying) membership of the nominating Society. Membership of a Society is at the discretion of that Society and may include only Full Members or Full Members and Student Members. Active Fellows are defined to be those Fellows who continue to participate in activities related to the pursuit of biomaterials science and engineering, for example, teaching, research, mentoring, proposal and grant writing, working in commercial companies and contributing to the work of a Society. Non-active Fellows (retired or no longer participating in biomaterials science and engineering) can be excluded from the 10% limit at the discretion of each Society. Each Society is responsible for defining the mechanism by which they determine an active Fellow.

Fellows are confirmed on an international level by a decision of IUSBSE to be made in the 12 months prior to a World Biomaterials Congress. Approved candidates will be inducted at a Ceremony during the World Biomaterials Congress.

Call for Nominations for 2024 Election

A call for nominations for election to FBSE is now open. Constituent Societies are asked to nominate candidates to be approved at the Meeting of IUSBSE to be held in 2023 with approved candidates to be inducted at the World Biomaterials Congress in Seoul in 2024.

To nominate yourself or a colleague for Fellow status, please submit the nomination package including the following information to dlemyre@biomaterials.org by JULY 14, 2023:

  • Nominee Name: Full Name (e.g. Professor Anne Smith)
  • Nominee Title: Full Title (e.g. Professor of Biomedical Materials, or Vice President of Research and Development)
  • Address: Preferred contact information
  • Citation:  A 50-word citation indicating why the nominee is proposed for this recognition
  • Biographical Note: A 200-word biographical note for the candidate.
  • A nomination letter: 2 pages max
  • Support letter(s): 2 pages max, maximum of 2 letters
  • Curriculum Vitae (10 Pages max)

Nomination letters should address these criteria: 1) landmark contributions to the field of biomaterials with clear impact and outcomes of contributions to the field, (e.g. landmark publications, awards, citations, research portfolio, IP and licensing etc.) 2) significant contributions to SFB including clear descriptions of active volunteerism and contributions in the Society  (e.g. Council, Annual meetings organization/Workshops, SIGs, meeting attendance, etc.), and 3) a demonstrated and sustained impact to the field of biomaterials and SFB (e.g., leadership, mentoring, program development, development of new products, materials, or medical devices, relevant awards, champion for inclusivity, involvement in standards development, consortia and roundtable organization, public policy advocacy, etc.).

Nominations are limited, only one nomination per person.  (Do not submit nominations, or letters of support for multiple people.) Nominations that do not satisfy the criteria above will not be considered.

All nominations shall be kept confidential.

Please contact Dan Lemyre (dlemyre@biomaterials.org) with any questions or concerns.