SFB Member Demographics

The Society For Biomaterials members work in academia and industry:

Though 85% of SFB Members are from the United States, there is representation from thought leaders around the world:

Self reporting from 1,144 SFB members confirms that their areas of focus are remarkably interdisciplinary:

Tissue Engineering 433
Polymers 416
Orthopaedic Biomaterials 335
Drug Delivery 303
Surface Characterization and Modification 253
Protein and Cells at Interfaces 243
Cardiovascular Biomaterials 209
Nanotechnology 202
Stem Cells 197
Biomaterials Education 163
Dental/Craniofacial Materials 134
Implant Pathology 118
Chemical Engineering 90
Spine 90
Metals 87
Cell/Organ Therapies 85
Ceramics 82
Biomaterials Availability and Policy 81
Ophthalmic Biomaterials 67


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