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*Membership fees are based on a calendar year – January 1st to December 31st and are not pro-rated.

For those studying, researching, or manufacturing biomaterials, there is simply no more valuable membership to have. Membership in the Society For Biomaterials means you gain access to the most immense and expansive network of biomaterials specialists there is. It also guarantees that you always have a robust venue in which to present and propagate your latest research in the field, while gaining access to the most up-to-date findings of fellow members. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of one of the most dynamic and innovative disciplines in contemporary medicine, we want you as a member of SFB!

All membership categories include the following benefits:    

  • Active Membership in the Society For Biomaterials includes subscriptions to the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A and Part B (Applied Biomaterials) – also available to Students at a discounted rate.
  • 24-Hour member access for Society For Biomaterials members to find other members through the Online Membership Directory in a password-protected members-only section.
  • Worldwide Networking - The Society For Biomaterials is proud to be one of the World Biomaterials Congress societies, which maintain scientific interaction and communication and share the goal of international scientific exchange throughout the world. The World Biomaterials Congress societies convene every four years.
  • ​Registration discounts on annual meetings, workshops, special symposia and short courses. Society educational programs enhance the professional development of members and non-members in related fields. Society annual meetings are the preeminent events of the biomaterials community where researchers convene to share the latest technologies and discoveries.
  • United States government representation through AIMBE.
  • Free subscription to Biomaterials Forum, the official newsletter of the Society.
  • Significant discounts on various biomaterials related journals and publications through the Book Store.
  • Professional recognition through various prestigious Society awards and FBSE status recognition.
  • Focused networking through participation in Special Interest Groups
  • Access to biomaterials products and services through the Society's fully searchable Internet Resource Guide.

Interested in becoming a member? Find the three types of Membership we offer below:

Active Membership

Dues:  $215 per year, which includes a free subscription to the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research (incorporating Applied Biomaterials). Any person not currently a full-time student who has an interest in the field of biomaterials shall be eligible to be an active member.

Post Grad Membership

Dues:  $120 per year, which includes a subscription to the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research (incorporating Applied Biomaterials). Any recent graduate, if not currently employed or pursuing additional training in the field of biomaterials, is eligible for Associate Post-Grad Membership.

Student Membership

Dues:  $50 per year. (Student members may add a JBMR subscription for an additional $35.) Student members may also join as many SIGs as they like for free. Any full-time student who is interested in the field of biomaterials shall be eligible to be an Associate Student Member.

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