Program Committee

Duties: The Program Committee shall promote, review and select scientific and technical papers for presentation at meetings of the Society.

Composition: The Chairperson of the Program Committee shall be appointed by the President. The number of members of the Program Committee shall be at least three.

The goal of the Program Committee is to develop the scientific program for the Annual Meeting.


2024-2025 Program Committee Members:

  • Program Co-Chair: Natalie Artzi, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School
  • Program Co-Chair: Kaitlyn Sadtler, PhD, NIBIB/NIH
  • Past Chair: Karen L. Christman, PhD, University of California San Diego
  • Past Chair: Jennifer Woodell-May, PhD, Zimmer Biomet, Inc.
  • Future Chair: Susan N. Thomas, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Future Chair:
  • SIG Chair Representative: Ngan F. Huang, PhD, Stanford University
  • SFB President: Sarah E. Stabenfeldt, PhD, Arizona State University
  • DEI Representative: 
  • Ashley C. Brown, PhD, NC State University/UNC-Chapel Hill  
  • Shreya Raghavan, PhD, Texas A&M University
  • Ritu Raman, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Michele Teplensky, PhD, Boston University
  • Bradford Wood, MD, National Institutes of Health
  • Steven Zong, PhD, Abbott

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