Individual Chapter Ideas

Chapter Meeting Ideas

  • Tour the labs of local biomedical startups, companies, or incubators
  • Tour local biomedical companies
  • Host panel discussions featuring industry alumni and post-docs
  • Host a networking social with representatives from local biomedical companies
  • Give lab tours to prospective undergraduate/graduate students interested in biomaterials-related research
  • Host fun social events such as bowling or “Chocolate Chats” where first-year graduate students get tips, hints, and advice over chocolate
  • Guest speakers at lunchtime
  • Help students with planning/executing their science fair experiments and volunteer to judge at your local science fair
  • Conduct after-school STEM clubs by performing interactive science demonstrations or host a “Biomaterials Open House” for your local elementary, middle, and secondary school
  • Host a Three Minute Thesis Competition
  • Perform a faculty luncheon
  • Organize journal clubs
    • Maintain a departmental biomaterials library for student use (journal and books donated by faculty, JBMR complimentary subscription).
    • Group discussion of select JBMR articles
    • Group discussion of topics of interest. Some topics include:
      • How to get started with research
      • How to do proficient literature search
      • How to create multimedia presentations

Chapter Fundraising Ideas

  • "Student Work Day" - Students may be hired by faculty and staff to do various academic, research, or other related work.
  • Have members work at athletic games or other university events.
  • Sales of premium and fundraising products.
  • Chapter makes contact with the community through philanthropy programs. For example:
    • Canned food drive 
    • Holiday events
    • Recycling
    • Habitat for Humanity