Submitted on Thu, 10/27/2022


The Society For Biomaterials recently participated in the Materials Science and Technology Meeting for the first time as a co-sponsoring society. The meeting was held in Pittsburgh, PA, October 9-12, 2022.  As part of our involvement, SFB sponsored a Student Poster Contest + Rapid Fire symposium to encourage undergraduate and graduate students to present their research experiences and improve their communication skills. The participants gave a 5-minute rapid-fire oral presentation and presented their work at the symposium’s poster session. We would like to congratulate this year’s awardees, who include:

2022 Graduate Student Poster Award Winners:

  • "Polymerized High Internal Phase Emulsions Derived from Photocurable Polycaprolactone for Tissue Engineering Applications" by Sierra Kucko, Timothy Keenan
  • "Villi Inspired Elastomeric Interlocking Device for Intestinal Retentive Applications" by Durva Naik
  • "Decanoic anhydride-modified chitosan membranes loaded with bupivacaine and cis-2-decanoic acid affect cytokine expression of keratinocytes" by Emily Montgomery, Zoe Harrison, J. Amber Jennings

2022 Undergraduate Student Poster Award Winner:

  • "Blood Coagulation Response to Four Medical Grade Polyurethanes Biomaterials" by Lan Nguyen, Li-Chong Xu, Christopher Siedlecki

SFB would also like to extend special thanks to the volunteers on the SFB/MS&T Program Subcommittee who helped bring this to fruition: Roger Narayan (Chair), Guillermo Ameer, Danielle Benoit, Jeff Capadona, Thomas Dziubla, Jordon Gilmore, Bob Hastings, Jessica Amber Jennings, Lynne Jones, SuPing Lyu, Chris Siedlecki and Carl Simon.