General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

The term Publisher refers to the publishing association, society, foundation, or corporation, publication editors, contractors, and agents. The term Advertiser refers to the corporation or agent purchasing advertisement space. The term Advertisement refers to display advertisements or listings. The term Artwork refers to items submitted to the publisher by the advertiser as advertisement requires.

Advertiser warrants that it has all rights necessary to publish advertisement contents. The advertiser agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Publisher, editors, and agents from any or all liability against them from unauthorized, inaccurate, or libelous statements appearing in the advertising material.

General conditions of sale and advertisement fees are subject to change without notice.

Advertisement Acceptance
Advertiser agrees that Publisher may reject or cancel any advertisement, space reservation, or position agreement without cause.

Advertisement Close Date
Close dates of all publications are stated in the specifications. Neither advertising orders nor cancellation placement will be accepted after advertisement close date. Artwork is due on the advertisement close date. If artwork is not received, advertising space will be forfeited. The financial commitment of the advertising space reservation remains whether the artwork is received or not.

Color rates apply to standard PMS colors. Additional fees for match color apply.

Damage or Loss of Artwork
Publisher shall not be held responsible for damage to artwork or loss thereof. Advertiser is responsible for insuring all artwork.

Publisher shall not be responsible for damage to artwork which is not requested to be returned, and which remains in the possession of the Publisher.

Publisher reserves the right to position all advertisements.

Return of Artwork
Advertisers who desire return of artwork must request return at the time of artwork submission. All requests must be in writing and specify the amount of insurance for artwork return. Return shipping charges and insurance cost will be invoiced to Advertiser.

All advertisement rates specify original art placements only, and must comply with stated artwork specifications. Advertisements which do not meet artwork specifications may be returned to the Advertiser and eliminated from the publication. Publisher may, without notification to the Advertiser, print the word "advertisement" to accompany an advertisement, and/or may place a border around the advertisement, without notification to the Advertiser.

Advertisers with credit approved by the Publisher will be invoiced for advertisement placement. All invoices will be payable in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank within 30 days of invoice date, except where otherwise specified. In the event of payment default, Advertisers accept responsibility for all costs of collection including reasonable attorney fees

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