Student Travel Achievement Recognition (STAR) Awards

The Student Travel Achievement Recognition (STAR) Awards present a major opportunity to recognize research excellence and develop future leaders within our Society. The STAR recipients will be selected according to the procedure listed below:

1. SIG Officers are to review the list of STAR applicants, which includes abstract titles and abstract review scores; full abstracts will also be available for review. Each SIG leadership team then nominates STARs to the SIG Chair Committee by the end of February.

2. The SIG Chair Committee then selects the STAR finalists and Honorable Mention recipients. It is expected that 25 awardees will be selected each year.

3. STAR Awards are presented at SFB's Annual Meeting. Awardees receive a certificate of recognition and a monetary award of $250; the Honorable Mention recipients also receive a certificate of recognition. The name of the nominating SIG(s) will be included on the certificate. Awardees will be recognized on the meeting website and during the Opening Ceremony.

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