Tissue Engineering SIG Webinar - Part 1

Start and End Times
1:00 PM UTC - 2:00 PM UTC

The Tissue Engineering Special Interest Group (SIG) met on Friday, September 23, 2022. The webinar featured research talks from three of their six poster award winners from the 2022 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Moderator: Ngan F. Huang
- Sophia Letcher: "Decellularized Mycelium as An Edible 3D Scaffold for Cultured Insect Fat"
- Mary Lowrey: "Bioprinting Ultrasound-Responsive Particles for Remote-Controlled Cellular Manipulation in Tissue Constructs"
- Haoyuan Shi: "Molecular Mechanisms of a Thermo- and Ion-responsive Silk-elastin-like Protein"