Synthetic Biology: Advances and Critical Needs from a Biomaterials Viewpoint

Start and End Times
11:00 AM UTC - 12:30 PM UTC

Co-presented by MRS, the Materials Research Society and SFB, the Society for Biomaterials

Synthetic biology has already revolutionized numerous fields through the creation of synthetic structures that mimic almost every aspect of nature. In particular, at the intersection of synthetic biology and biomaterials, researchers have been developing innovative approaches to improve sustainable manufacturing, detection, disease prevention, and therapy. This webinar highlights such advances by four distinguished scientists developing synthetic platelets for hemorrhage control, transfusion medicine and wound healing applications as well as harnessing the synthetic potential of microbes to orchestrate the assembly of complex materials for textiles, bioremediation, therapeutic probiotics, and so much more! We invite you to view this unique webinar at the intersection of synthetic biology and biomaterials science and see what the future of synthetic biology holds for improving medicine and manufacturing.

The webinar features four talks from leaders in the field, and an interactive Q&A session was held with each speaker.

Talk Presentations:

  • Synthetic Biology and Materials
    Paul Freemont, Imperial College London (Q&A with James MacDonald, Imperial College London)
    Talk begins at 11:17
  • Commercializing Consumer Biomaterials
    David Breslauer, Bolt Threads
    Talk begins at 33:32
  • Biologically fabricated materials from engineered microbes
    Neel Joshi, Northeastern University
    Talk begins at 55:40
  • Synthetic Platelets: Bioinspired Design to Treat Bleeding... and Beyond
    Anirban Sen Gupta, Case Western Reserve University
    Talk begins at 1:21:50



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