Surface Characterization & Modification SIG Webinar

Start and End Times
11:00 AM UTC - 12:00 PM UTC

The Surface Characterization & Modification Special Interest Group (SIG) met on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 to feature research talks from their 2022 Annual Meeting grad student and postdoc awardees:

  • Manjyot Kaur Chug: “Nitric Oxide Releasing Catheter Disinfection Device”  
  • Mark Garren: “Intrapolymeric Catalysis of Nitric Oxide Release via a Metal-Organic Framework for Potent Antimicrobial Materials”  
  • Yue Qin: “Characterization of Porous Poly(glycerol-dodecanoate) Scaffolds for Cartilage Repair”  
  • Roberta Sabino: “Enhanced Endothelialization and Hemocompatibility on Nanostructured Titania with Tannin/glycosaminoglycan-based Polyelectrolyte Multilayers”