Student Webinar - Career Opportunities in Biomaterials for HBCU Students

Start and End Times
5:30 PM UTC - 6:30 PM UTC

Are you an HBCU student studying engineering or science?

Have you ever wondered about how these subjects relate to materials for use in medicine?

Have you heard about the exciting career pathways in research and development of biomedical materials?

Held on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, the SFB National Student Chapter held a webinar featuring a panel of accomplished Black biomaterial and biomedical scientists. 

Featured Panelists:

· Dr. Gregg Duncan (University of Maryland)

· Dr. Cheryl Gomillion (University of Georgia)

· Dr. Antentor Hinton (Vanderbilt University)

· Dr. Catherine Faye Whittington (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

· Dr. Jamal Lewis (University of California-Davis)

· Dr. Pumtiwitt McCarthy (Morgan State University)