Immune Engineering SIG Webinar

Start and End Times
2:00 PM UTC - 3:00 PM UTC

The Immune Engineering Special Interest Group (SIG) met on Thursday, November 17, 2022. Their webinar featured research talks from their 2022 Annual Meeting poster awardees.

  • Boram Kim: "In Vivo High-throughput Screening of Immunomodulatory Biomaterials using Cellular Barcoding for Human Islets Transplantation in Immunocompetent Type 1 Diabetic Mice Models"
  • Emily Roe: "Improving Antibody and T-cell Responses to Subunit Influenza Vaccines Using Supramolecular Assembly and Randomized T-helper Epitopes"
  • Leonor Teles: "Recapitulating Lymph Node Stromal Cell Reticula in Type 1 Diabetes Using Gelatin Scaffolds"