BioInterfaces SIG Webinar

Start and End Times
1:00 PM UTC - 2:00 PM UTC

The BioInterfaces Special Interest Group (SIG) met on Thursday, October 20, 2022, and featured research talks from the following 2022 Annual Meeting awardees:

  • Xiao Huang, PhD; BWF BioInterfaces Rising Star Awardee: “Control and Enhance Therapeutic T cells with Precision Bioengineering”
  • Natalie Petryk; Dr. Rena Bizios Poster Awardee: “Shape Memory Polymer Foams with Tunable Interconnectivity Using Off-the-Shelf Foaming Components”
  • Lauren E. Mehanna; Dr. Rena Bizios Poster Awardee: “Spontaneous Alignment of Myotubes through Satellite Cell Migration”