Publications Committee


The Publications Committee shall consider and recommend to the Council policies and procedures under which technical papers, reports, discussions, and other literature resulting from the activities of the corporation and its members shall be edited, produced, and distributed, with the objective of publishing information which in quality and quantity will be of maximum service to members in the field of biomaterials.


The Publications Committee shall be composed of all the Editors of Society publications as ex officio members plus three active members. The Chairperson of the Publications Committee shall be appointed by the President in term, with Board approval, to serve a term of four years. The Chairperson shall annually recommend to the President one new active member to be appointed for a term of three years. The unexpired term of an interim vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the President with the advice and consent of the Council.

The goals of the committee are to continue development of revised editorial processes within each journal and develop a strategic plan to reduce the backlog of articles in the pipeline, to identify the senior editor of the forthcoming book series, and to determine the mechanism of identifying editors for each book in the series.


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