Meetings Committee


The Meetings Committee shall consider, advise and recommend pertinent vendors and volunteers on matters pertaining to Society meeting(s), exhibition(s) and all related activities. In cooperation with the Program Committee, this committee shall provide direction for the education and dissemination of biomaterials knowledge.


The Chairperson of the Meetings Committee shall be the President. The Meetings Committee shall be composed of as many members as are determined to be necessary by the Chairperson.

The goals of the committee are to evaluate venues for meetings and social events; to assess the funding and sponsorship revenue of our annual meetings and to provide recommendations for increasing these sources of revenue to better offset meeting attendee registration costs; and to establish and/or update guidelines for Program Chairs in order to provide continuity from year to year.

Visit the Meetings Committee's Community Page (Member Log-in Required - only available to members of this committee.)

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