Announcing: NIST Virtual Workshop

Title: Workshop on Measurement Needs for Biofabrication for Tissue Engineered Medical Products

Goal: Discuss and identify measurement needs for characterizing biofabricated, tissue engineered medical products for clinical applications.

Scope: Biofabricated tissue-engineered constructs have the potential to transform personalized medicine. However, characterizing these constructs post-fabrication and throughout preclinical use remains challenging. We will hold a 1-day workshop on measurement needs for biofabricated constructs that contain cells, focusing on metrology for the structure of the constructs, cell viability in the constructs, and functional capacity of the constructs. This workshop will enable future research directions, standards development, and the adoption of these constructs for clinical use.


Location: Virtual

Date: December 1, 2022 (11am to 5pm EST)

Registration: Free (Registration deadline Nov. 15 2022 at 5:00 PM EST)

To view an agenda and speaker list, please visit the workshop website here.