SFB National Student Chapter Meeting & Young Scientist Webinar

SFB National Student Chapter Meeting

The SFB National Student Chapter and Young Scientist Group hosted an online webinar and Q&A session on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. The webinar covered the timely topics of online branding, networking, and job applications during the COVID-19 pandemic for students and researchers during their remote work

With in-person contact limited, many people are looking for creative ways to build their professional network online. The panel discussed effective ways to apply for jobs, make connections, and build your online presence (e.g. LinkedIn, Science Twitter, personal website).

Panel members:

  • Bob Bullard, Director of Office of Career Advancement at Rowan University
  • Dr. Lisa Volpatti, Postdoctoral Scholar in Hubbell Lab at the University of Chicago
  • Dr. Ritu Raman, Postdoctoral Scholar in Langer Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Woojin Han, Postdoctoral Fellow in García/Jang Labs at Georgia Tech


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